Christian's Solutions Implemented is a sole proprietorship started in 2021 by Christian Graham. We created some chrome extensions which are currently turned offline but will be enabled again in the future. As of now, we are focused on creating gpts for chatgpt and scripts, indicators, and expert advisors for metatrader.

About Christian Graham

Christian Graham showed interest in programming at an early age. One day while playing games on his phone, he suddenly decided that he wanted to learn how to create one of these himself. A few years later around the age of 10 he started doing block-based programming with Scratch. At the age of 12 he took the next step in his programming career by starting text-based programming with python. That was the jumpstart to his software career. He went on to create many personal software applications to help himself along with family and friends, join a robotics team, enroll in two different computer science classes(both of which he found to be too easy), and learn many more programming languages. However, he still hadn't accomplished his dream of starting his own software business, but that all changed after he turned 18. After turning 18 his drive and motivation to start a business grew. Within a month or two he already had two products and a website.