Parent Website Controller

By csimplemented

This service is unlike many others. With other services you normally choose what websites you want to block, however we understand that that can often be a very long list. We make it easy for you by letting you choose what websites can be allowed.

This service can be used by people to help them stay focused and productive on their computers, or to help parents control what website their kids can access.

Video Tutorial


After having downloaded the application nothing will happen until you click on the extension and enter a valid license key. You can get that license key by purchasing a gumroad subscription which is linked above. The subscription link along with the link to this website can be found on the chrome extension. Upon purchasing it will take you to a receipt page on gumroad where you can find the license key, or you can also find it in your email. Now for the license key to work when entered into the application, you have to be signed into the same email that you bought the subscription under. The license key works across all devices signed into the same account. Meaning you can purchase it once and use it on all of your children's devices as long as they are signed into the same account(email) and have the chrome extension.

After a valid license key is entered it will take you to a page where you can view and go to all of the allowed websites. There are a few websites that are permanently allowed including gumroad, so that you can always sign into it and view your license key. The rest are temporary ones that you can manage. Above the list of allowed websites is a sign in form. You have to enter the last 8 characters of the license key to sign in.

If you are signed in it will display a page where you can manage all the temporary websites by deleting them or adding new ones. When adding new websites, you can be general or specific. If you want to be general and allow things such as subdirectories of the website then you can use a wildcard "*". Example: https://**. You can also visit any websites while signed in. Once signed in you stay signed in until you click the sign out button.

If for any reason you need to clear the license key, you can right click the extension and go to options. It will not let you go there if you are not signed in. Once there, you can click "Clear License Key" which will not deactivate the license key, but will remove it from the extensions memory.