Store Scraper

By csimplemented

Store Scraper is a chrome extension that scrapes public information off of ebay. It collects products' names, prices, conditions, buying formats, shipping price, return info, and how much the product has been watched or sold if applicable(displayed). There are many scraping, sorting, displaying, and downloading options.

One of the uses of Store Scraper for ebay consumers is helping them decide which listing is the best to buy(by allowing them to see the price statistics of all the listings). Some uses for ebay sellers include finding a good price to set for your product and finding what products are selling good.

Video Tutorial


Store Scraper is a chrome extension downloadable in the chrome store. After downloading or when chrome or the extension is updated or reset, it will take you to this website. In order to use Store Scraper you have to be on ebay and have entered something into the search bar. If you click on the extension while not on ebay looking at products then it will take you to a website page that will repeat what we mentioned above about being on ebay and having something in the search bar. Once those requirements are fulfilled, upon clicking the extension, it will not take you to the website page and will display one of two things.

Firstly it checks to see if you have a valid membership which includes being currently signed into the same email on chrome that you bought the membership under. If you do not have a valid membership then it will display a form for you to enter the license key given to you upon purchasing a subscription for Store Scraper. After a valid license key is entered into the system a green check mark will appear and it will tell you to reclick the extension.

Upon reclicking the extension as long as you have a valid membership you can access Store Scraper's features, otherwise it will remove the license key stored in the system and take you back to the form. There are many options for scraping information. You can choose to only scrape the page that you are on, scrape the page you are on and the pages after, or all pages. You can also change the scraping speed which is not recommended, because if ebay detects the program as a bot it could account or ip ban the user(which we are not liable for). If you want to take extra precautions, some good preventitive measures include but are not limited to not being signed into an ebay account and using a vpn. You can also choose to only scrape the products where watchers or the amount sold is visible. Finally, their is a red button you can press when scraping all pages to stop where you are.

After the information is scraped you can choose to sort it alphabetically, by the price, and/or reversed. You can also choose to view the price statistics and product data in tables or you can download it for later use by 3rd party applications such as excel, where you can open up the file and farther sort and graph the information.

If for some reason you need to manually clear the license key from the system, all you have to do is go to the extension options and press clear license key. It will only clear it from memory, but will not deactivate it or anything.

Sometimes when ebay updates their website it will mess up features on the application. Our application automatically sends back errors reports when used and updates the status on our Status page, so that we can quickly address the issue.